Esarjey being a leading programmatic advertising company, primarily focuses on connecting advertisers to their genuine prospects. We accomplish this with the help of cutting-edge technology and by connecting advertisers with premium publishers. In this conquest, we partner with the leading publishers from different industries, where advertisers can run exclusive campaigns.

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In-cab advertising

The commute can be a great time to talk to your customers. Esarjey brings you the perfect place to reach more than 150 million such prospects in 120+ cities during their daily commute. Through in-app advertising, you can target your customers on parameters like demographics, location, and income levels. What’s more? You can even reach them on in-cab screens during the commute.


Want to reach the Globetrotters and travel enthusiasts? Travel has everything you require for targeting. Right from frequent flyers to luxury travellers and budget tourists, our platform facilitates you to reach your desired audience segments through Travels



Buyes’ internet surfing habits, buying habits and their products preferences can go a long way in helping you to reach the right customers. What can be a better place than e-commerce to target and retarget your customers according to their buying habits?

Delivery App

Advertising your product & services to the foodie community is now easy and transparent with exclusive access. Advertise on delivery app with our advanced advertising capabilities.


Digital OOH

If you desire more control, better management of your data, & targeting which is focused to meet your brand goals, all the while increasing the cost efficiency and transparency, then Esarjey in-house programmatic solutions are perfect for your needs. Get a programmatic platform, powered by cutting-edge technologies like RTB, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, and all the necessary tech required to run your campaigns successfully in-house.


Our team of programmatic experts and campaign managers ensures flawless execution of all your campaigns. Working closely with your brand to get a deep understanding of your brand goals, we assure you that you will never worry about the results.


Programmatic Direct

Get a priority first-look access to premium inventory. Rest assured about brand safety, as your ads are placed only on premium websites selected by you.

PPC Advertising

Our team of growth hackers and data experts will help you to get maximum results from your campaigns

Social Media Advertising

Our social media & PPC advertising team helps you target the nuanced audiences on each platform and leverage them to improve your ROI.

Programmatic Campaigns

Our social media & PPC advertising team helps you target the nuanced audiences on each platform and leverage them to improve your ROI.

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